Beyond 2015 is a global civil society campaign, pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals. Beyond 2015 brings together more than 1000 Civil Society Organisations in over 130 countries around the world.




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Thanks to the 865 organisations in 111 countries that joined Beyond2015's Call for Participation2015!

The “Call for Participation” counted on the support of organizations from all over the world – big and small, global and local, from the South and from the North. Some represents large constituencies; others are strongly connected with small communities and groups, and all are calling for CSOs and citizen participation to be a part of the formal and official post-2015 process.

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Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change (Spanish and English)

The Beyond 2015 lead agency in Bolivia, Red Unitas, has produced a series of videos (in Spanish with English narration and sub-titles) on key issues for the post-2015 agenda.