Beyond 2015 engages in Rio+20

Beyond 2015 sees the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – also known as the Rio+20 Conference - as a key milestone in the process of defining and agreeing a post-2015 global agenda, and has been working to identify the best way to engage in the Rio+20 process.

In response to the conference’s Preparatory Committee call for submissions, a Beyond 2015 taskforce was created in order to write a submission for the compilation document which will serve as basis for the preparation of zero draft of the Conference’s outcome document.   

The document (which can be found here) is structured to specifically respond to the questions outlined on the guidelines provided by the UNCSD, and highlights several key messages such as:  

  • Rio+20 should not aim to achieve a quick-win set of goals (either SDGs or replacement MDGs) but to pave the road for developing concrete principles to be fed into the post MDG debates and discussions.
  • Delegates in Rio+20 should agree that a post 2015 framework for development needs to be an urgent priority for the international community, and that the framework needs to address a number of interlinked global challenges of: poverty, environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, gender justice, climate change, resilience, unfair distribution of resources, human rights and inequality.
  • There needs to be a clear and transparent process for developing a post-2015 development framework, with consultation and deliberative engagement with all relevant stakeholders.
  • Rio+20 is an excellent opportunity to raise sustainable development back up the political and public agenda and to link up discussions on climate change, environment and poverty, three issues which are closely linked and need to be tackled in an integrated way.

Unfortunately, on this occasion there was no time to circulate the draft produced by the taskforce to the google group and therefore the submission is not an official policy position of Beyond 2015, but reflects the thinking of a number of participating organisations. The first draft of this paper was written by Erica Carroll (Christian Aid) and Ruth Fuller (WWF UK). Comments were received by Amy Pollard (CAFOD, UK), Bernadette Fischler (WAGGGS, UK), Dominic Haslam (Sightsavers, UK), AK Dube (Secretariat of the Africa Decade of Persons with Disabilities, South Africa) and Mwangi Waituru (GCAP Kenya), and the final version was synthesized by Erica Carroll (Christian Aid).

If you would like to be more involved with Beyond 2015's work around Rio+20, contact gvives@concordeurope.org

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