UNSG responds to Beyond 2015

On 25 November 2011 Beyond 2015 received a response to the original letter sent by 64 participating organisations to the UN Secretary General. The response, very positive in its tone, includes the following key points:

  • There will be formal deliberations in the UN General Assembly (GA), following the GA informal briefing on post-2015 on 4 November (see here), which will include discussion on A/66/126, the annual progress report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of the MDGs and advancing the UN development agenda beyond 2015. 
  • Member states showed strong support for an open and inclusive process to reach a post-2015 framework during the briefing of 4 November – reflecting Beyond 2015's call for the development of the framework to be completely open and transparent, participatory, inclusive and responsive to voices and expertise of those directly affected by poverty and injustice
  • The UN Deputy Secretary General (who authored the letter) sees post-2015 and work on the MDGs as ‘part of the same effort’
  • The UN Task Force will be ‘responsible for coordinating a system-wide multi-stakeholders preparatory process with a view to formulating an effective post-2015 UN development framework’.

The formal deliberations on post-2015 in the GA will be held on 2 December. It is now important that participating organisations of Beyond 2015 make contact with their national governments, who will be discussing the Secretary General’s report during this formal deliberation in the GA. Member states are starting to discuss and elaborate their positions, and it is thus important that as many countries as possible press for the specific asks of the essential must haves and the practical recommendations to the UN.

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