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Tips to navigate this legacy website

Feeling lost? Below is a short overview of the website structure to help you find the information you're after.

Key sections

This website is divided into 4 main sections.

The first three are accessible on every page by clicking on the 3 icons in the left-hand column:
1. Our story: overview of the Beyond 2015 Campaign and explanation of the global process behind the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / post-2015 agenda at the heart of Beyond 2015's focus
2. Our impact: presentation of the Beyond 2015 Campaign's key achievements through different lenses
3. Our learning: presentation of key lessons learned from the Beyond 2015 experience

Another key section is accessible from the home page:
4. Next steps: key information on how civil society can engage in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals  / post-2015 agenda, now that Beyond 2015 is no longer in activity


Click on the relevant menu titles in red on the top of each page to see who was involved in the Beyond 2015 Campaign, key information about the SDG process, multimedia, resources, news, blogs and contact details.