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Video & Audio - 2013

Beyond 2015 high-level event at the UN: "Civil Society Voices on Post-2015: Messages from the National Level" - 23 September 2013

Event co-organised by CIVICUS, GCAP and the IFP, and co-sponsored by Colombia and Sweden

"Voices for Empowerment", by Praxis - Institute for Participatory Practices - April 2013

A six-day video workshop was followed by a two-day editing workshop in which participants decided what frames to keep, what to do away with and what shape to give the film. This led to the creation of the docu-drama below, in which participants recreate scenes of stigma and discrimination they have faced in life and voiced the change they want to see.

"How should inequality feature in a post-2015 agreement?" - 23 April, 2013

Kevin Watkins, Brookings Institution, argues that a limitation of the Millennium Development Goals is a neglect of inequality. 

Beyond 2015 "Global Consultation on Addressing Inequalities in the Post-2015 Development Agenda", 26 Februrary 2013

Post-Copenhagen briefing for Civil Society. Moderator: Ms. Bani Dugal, Baha'i International Community / Beyond 2015 Coalition. Briefing Speakers: Ms. Maja Mortensen (Permanent Mission of Denmark to the UN), Mr. Richard Morgan (UNICEF), Ms. Saraswathi Menon (UN Women), Ms. Rosa Lizarde (GCAP)

"Power of vaccines almost equal to primary education", 8 January 2013